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Mish Mash


- A confused mixture

Exactly how your sweets should be! A surprise with every mouthful! Create your mix your way or treat yourself to a suprise, and let us create the perfect mixture. Over 200 varieties in stock!

about us

Who are we and what makes us different?

We are a small family-run café in our local town, who during lockdown had to find other ways to keep our café afloat. We run our sweet shop like we run our café, always putting our customers first and providing items at the lowest price we can but still for a quality item. We pride ourselves on being the most reasonably priced and the best value for money if you can find it cheaper let us know! Not only that we believe that everyone should be thinking about their carbon footprint when looking at the packaging, which is why we have steered away from the plastic single-use resealable pouches that flood the current market for pick and mix.

We now use 100% recyclable boxes and tubs. The boxes are fully covered to keep your sweets fresh, but what we find is even better, is that you can see the full selection of your sweets. You can pick what you fancy each time without having to rummage to the bottom of your bag whilst touching all the sweets on the way down.

We also stock American candy and drinks, retro sweets, and personalised cookies all stocked and prepared in our 5-star hygiene-rated kitchen.

Our Cafe can be found here

cookies you can't eat!

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